Friday, 4 January 2013

Namoos e Risalat (Sallallaho alaihi Wasallam) ki hifazat ki ki jiye (by Mufti Taqi Usmani)

European countries are not sincerely behaving with Islam and Muslims from the beginning. so they always try's to hurt Muslims, for this they use different methods like firing at Muslims, drone attack on Muslim countries but some time they hurt their hearts by using bad words for their Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sallallahoalaihi Wasllam which is not acceptable by any Muslim in any situation ever because every Muslim Loved his Prophet Sallallahoalaihi Wasallam beyond himself. so this book Namoos e Risallat (Sallallahoalaihiwasallam) in Urdu is not a advice or reminder, it is just to teach Muslims that how we should have to do. Justice Taqi Usmani who is a great scholar and very good writer has write this book which actually commentary Surah Humaza which is totally on this topic, i hope it will help you to learn deen e islam.

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