Thursday, 24 January 2013

Islam k Naam par Hawaa Parasti (by Molana Noor Mohammad Qadari Tonsavi)

A complete discussion on the views of captain Masoud u Deen Usmani from Karachi by Molana Noor Muhammad Qadari Tonsawi.
Islam always teaches us to follow the elders in Islamic matters but some people thinks that it is not fair that a person follow the elders, they think that every buddy should have to solve his Islamic matters according to his own understandings, and it is dame sure that he can be made any mistake. captian masoud u deen usmani is one of them, he and his party thinks that only thay are real Muslims on the earth and they edict out that all other then them are non Muslims, so it was important to reply them and to disclose thier reality and the basic creed of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat (Deoband) to the others so Molana Noor Muhammad Qadari tonsavi has write a book on it i hope it will help you to learn deen e Islam
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