Saturday, 29 December 2012

G han Fiqah Hanfi Quran o Hadees ka Nachor ha (by Molana Illyas Ghuman)

some time ago a person named Talib ur Rahmaan claimed that is Fiqah Hanfi is according to the Holy Quran and The Hadees?  he write a book about it and as usual Allhamdolillah the scholars of fiqah hanfi replied and give him a satisfiable answer and prove that the fiqah e Hanfia is completly according to the Holy Quran and The Hadees e Mubarkah. Molana Illyas Ghuman write a book as an answer named Ge han Fiqah e Hanfia Quraan o Hadees ka nachor ha, i hope you will like it and it will help you to Learn Deen e Islam


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