Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fazelat e Miswak or Haqiqat e Tooth Paste (by Molana Rooh Allah)

Benefits of Siwaak, Disadvantages of Toothpaste, how Miswak Works, Miswak k Fawaied, Miswak k faiede, toothpaste ke Nuksan, Toothpaste vs Siwaak
Islam is the best religion, the prove is that, that it never ever guide on a wrong way which will not suitable for anyone.Islam teach us to drink water after seeing in Vessel and science prove that it we should never ever drink water without seeing, Islam Teaches us that do not breath in Vessel during drinking water and science prove that if we will breath into the vessel a lot of germs will mix in water by our breath, Islam Teaches that sleep on your right hand and science prove that suppose if we will sleep on our left hand we will get effect on our heart same as Islam teaches us to clean teethes with Miswak but we move to modernism and use paste for it but now science proving that which thing a Siwaak can do a tooth paste can never ever do. florid is a liquid uses to clean the teethes and science proved that Miswak has Double florid in its water but we got just one florid in form of toothpaste so now a days every doctor recommend Miswak rather then toothpaste, this book is also one of these books which was written on Benefits of Siwaak and Disadvantages of Toothpaste
I hope it will help you to Learn Deen e Islam

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