Sunday, 6 January 2013

Istakhara kase karain? Haqiqat, Ahmiat, Masnoon Tariqa (by Molana Mohammad Zakria Iqbal)

Their are lot of misconceptions in our society about Istikhaarah, like how we do Istikhaarah, what is the pray for Istikhaarah, what was the method of Prophet Mohammad Sallallahoalaihi Wasallam about Istikhaarah, there are lot of Istikhaarah centers where people do Istikhaarah for cash but the reality is this that there is a very simple method of Istikhaarah teached by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sallallahoalaihi Wasallam. no need to go or call any Istikhaarah center. so due to these problems i decide to share a small book about Istikhaarah with my visitors in which you learn Inshallah the Sunnat Method of Istikhaarah that how we can do Istikhaarah at home so read it and remember me in your prayers. i hope it will help you to learn deen e islam.

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