Friday, 18 January 2013

Hajj k bad Zindagi kase guzarain? (by Mufti Mohammad Rafie Usmani)

How we shoud have to spent our life after doing Hajj?
Doing Hajj e BaitUllah is a great honor for a Muslim, Actually Hajj teaches us the rules of a Muslims life like first of all when we prepared ourselves for journey of Hajj it teaches that one day we will leave this world so we should also have to prepared our selves for the day of judgement, after that when a Muslim wear Ihraam it teaches that one day we will go from this world just in shroud like this Ihraam.
so same as after Hajj a Muslim should not behave like his past he must apply that lessons which he learned during his Hajj and should not change his activities which was in Hajj.
so about this important topic Mufti Mohammad Rafie Usmani has write a small booklet which i'am sharing with you i hope it will help you to learn deen e Islam.
Jazak Allah

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